Foods from Spain Sites

Global site for Foods from Spain
Informative site of "The Spanish Pantry" an annual show of Spanish products held in New York and San Francisco
Informative site of The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) about foods from Spain
Videos about foods from Spain with Jose Andres

Other sites with olive oil information

Web for the official association of Spanish companies directly related with the olive oil prodution and distribution.
Official Spanish Olive Oil Exporters Association
Independent Government Agency for the develompent, regulation and promotion of the Spanish olive oil.
Agency for the promotion of olive oil consumption in the United States.
The International Olive Council is the only intergovernmental organisation in the world to bring together olive oil and table olive producing and consuming stakeholders.
Olive and Olive oil nutrition news and information.
Information site about olive oil from the province of Jaén (only in Spanish)

Wines from Spain sites

Official website of Wines from Spain, a promotional division of the Trade Commission of Spain, that includes its calendar of events, promotional programs, Wines from Spain News, among other information
Official website of Wines from Spain in the US, specialized on the wines that are already available in the American market
The Great Match presents an opportunity to sample more than 200 wines, paired with a variety of Spanish and international tapas, to demonstrate the versatility of the food-friendly Wines of Spain.
La Rioja Denomination of Origin
The largest showcase event for Spanish wineries seeking importers, distributors and trade representatives in the United States
Informative site about Sherry
Sherry brandy
Rias Baixas Denomination of Origin

Corporate sites

ICEX Web in Spanish
ICEX in English (US site)
Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
Site for the promotion of the Spanish Technology

Other sites of interest

Newsletter for the world of olive oil
Exploring the Cuisine of Spain (Culinary Institute of America)
Digital Gastronomic Magazine (in Spanish)
Informative Site of the NAOOA, The North American Olive Oil Association
Informative Site about the olive oil and olive tree farming
Informative Site of the Spanish Agriculture Ministry. Information on the denominations of origin and others
Informative Site of the EU on the medical properties of the Olive Oil
Information about trips to the olive oil production land
Information about trips to the olive oil production land
Site of the famed Spanish chef
Foods and Wines from Andalucia at the CIA web site

Internet food shopping based in Spain (*)

Extra virgin olive oil gourmet store based in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
Online gourmet retailer of fine products from Spain since 1996, with warehouse in Alicante, Spain. EVOOs: Señorio de Vizcantar, Can Solivera, Surat by Vinaóleo

Internet food shopping based in the U.S. (*)

NameDescriptionSome Available Spanish Brands
They offer well known food products from 15 different Hispanic nations, including Spain. Based in Miami, Florida. Betis, Borges, Carbonell, Sensat, Vigo, Olivar
This gourmet store (in Idaho) is specialized in Spanish food, and it mainly offers Basque ingredients. Antara, Bio Fonsal, Dintel, Giulso, Mallafre, Olivar de la Luna, Rafael Salgado
Gourmet store with products from Spain, based in Seattle, Washington. Deus, La Masia, Molino de Leoncio Gomez, Olivar de la Luna, Oleum Viride
Food store with artesanal and sustainable products, based in Seattle, Washington Castillo de Canena, Dauro de L'Empordá
Gourmet store focused on the foodservice segment. It allows consumers to easily get high quality ingredients. Castillo de Tabernas
Gourmet store that provides Spanish products to the United States market. Dintel, Fuenroble, Rumba, Cortijo de la Suerte, Zaitum, Rincon de la Subetica, Parque Oliva, Castillo de Canena, Oro del Desierto, Fuenroble, Surat, La Masia, Santa Clara
Online store with Spanish recipes. Based in California and Ohio Castelanotti
Gourmet store with products from Spain, specialized in paella and wines. Based in Miami. Crismona, Hacienda Queiles, Pago Baldios de San Carlos, Carbonell, Carmen
Store located in Soho, New York, just with first quality products from Spain. Naturvie, Carmen, Oleo I, Arteoliva, La Hoz, Cladium, Legado del Marques, Cal Saboi, Masia, Omed
Gourmet store with specialty products. Based in Michigan.Columela, Pons
Gourmet store with the mediterranean ingredients they use in their restaurants of New York. Oleum Priorat, Dauro, Valdueza, Merula, Ravida, Marques de Griñon
Online store specialized in gourmet products from Spain Sotaroni
National on-line retailer of olive oil based products. Surat, iO, La Amarilla de Ronda
Manufacturer of sausages and cured meat products and importer of foods from Spain. Based in California. Zarbalea, Garcia de la Cruz, Oleoestepa, Olisoy, Sotaroni
Store located in New York that offers paella ingredients and kitchenware. Arteoliva
Online retailer of over 800 gourmet Spanish products since 1996, with a retail store located in Williamsburg, VA EVOOs: Señorio de Vizcantar, Can Solivera, Abbae Queiles, Ybarra, Castillo de Canena, Carpier, Almazara Perales, Unio, Olivar de la Luna, Marques de Valdueza, Carbonell, La Masia, Nuñez de Prado, Surat by Vinaóleo
Food store in US that offers local products
Gourmet store specialized in cheeses, based in New York. Dauro, Merula
Store with foods and beverages from Spain, based in New Jersey Antara, Thuelma
This store continues to carry many of the same products from France that it carried when it opened, but now offers tools from around the world to prepare any cuisine. Based in Seattle. Columela, Marques de Valdueza, Mas Portell, Merula
Company with many stores along US. It offers a wide selection of products from Spain.Ybarra, Nuñez de Prado, Merula, Rafael Salgado Extra Virgin
Gourmet stores of New York and online store with many products from Spain. Nuñez de Prado, Zoe, Marques de Griñon
A family of small food related companies and entrepreneurial ventures. Each is located in the Ann Arbor area, Michigan. Marques de Valdueza, Siurana, L'Estornell, Mariano Sanz, Masis el Altet
It is a web business which sells high quality extra virgin olive oil produced in the Northern Castellón region of Spain. Fusion, Lagrima, Milenario

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